• Rose Water Hair Tonic

    Rose Water infused with undiluted essential oils and extracts to help naturally stimulate the scalp.

    Main Ingredients include Organic Rose Water, Vitamin E, Organic Honey, Horsetail Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil
    8 oz w/ spray pump

    * Rose Water is rich in flavonoids and vitamins including A, C, D, and B3. Promotes general health of the scalp by reducing inflammation and increasing blood supply to the scalp.
    Rosemary Essential Oil increases circulation of blood flow to the scalp. Helps with dandruff and preventing hair loss.

    *Lavender Essential Oil stimulates the scalp, helps with dandruff, and rids lice.

    *Horsetail Root strengthens follicles due to its high silica content. Promotes strong healthy hair.

    *Vitamin E useful for reducing the visible fine lines and wrinkles of the skin and thus makes the skin look younger, treat sunburns, useful for removing scars from the skin, effective in reducing stretch marks, makes dull, dry skin look healthy and moisturized. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue. Increases blood circulation to the scalp.

    *Extra Virgin Olive Oil improves elasticity, provides shine and nourishment.

    *Honey has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that is used for treatment of hair and scalp. Honey is a humectant and has great moisturizing properties.

    ****This product contains essential oils. Please seek advice of medical practioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Thanks so much!

    Rose Water Hair Tonic
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      Recommendations: Spray on scalp and hair at least 2- 3 times or more a week. Can be sprayed on hair to dampen or hydrate hair or skin. Can be used on the skin as a toner or makeup remover. Can use as a refreshing spritzer or incorporated in other skin or hair care products.
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