Organic Facial Moisturizer Cucumber


Volume: 2 Fluid ounces

A cucumber facial moisturizer formulated with active ingredients of cucumber, organic fermented rice water, organic evening primrose oil, organic neem, organic chamomile, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid. Great for puffy skin, rosacea, sunburns, acne, pimples. Can apply at night during facial care routine or underneath makeup. Can chill in refrigerator and apply on sunburned skin. For face...massage 3 drops or preferred amount into skin. Penetrates into the skin without oily appearance. Cool and calming. Great for men and women.

Packed with the benefits of:
*cucumber - vitamin c and caffeic acid, which both fight to reduce inflamed or irritated skin, high in silica content, gradually fades the appearance of dark undereye circles, cooling & refreshing
*organic fermented rice water - rich in minerals, antioxidants, b and e vitamins
*hyaluronic acid - helps to diminish fine lines, retains skin moisture
*organic evening primrose oil - antiflammatory, contains gamma-linolenic acid an omega 6 fatty acids which stimulates the skin
*vitamin e - protects and repairs the skin
*organic chamomile - calming to the skin, healing properties
*organic neem - healing properties

product comes naturally scented but cucumber melon is available 

*this product is made with natural and organic ingredients only

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