Henna Treatment


Organic henna mixed with ayurvedic herbs. Amla, brahmi, hibiscus, bhringraj, marshmallow root, shikakai, organic pumpkin seed oil, coffee & more are included in the formulation. All natural and chemical free. Conditioning formula.

A ready to use Organic henna treatment to naturally help cover grey roots. Not only covers grey roots, but also strengthens the hair and promotes healthy growth. Builds color with continued use. Excellent for straight hair. The truth about henna is that it is capable of loosening the curl pattern in curly hair. If you do not wish to loosen your curl pattern, a henna gloss (henna mixed with conditioner) will be more beneficial if you wish to receive the benefits of henna without color change or loosening of curl pattern.

Henna will not significantly lighten dark hair, but can provide brown hues in the sun and build with continued use. Henna strengthens the hair and making it less prone to breakage and silkier. Great alternative for those sensitive to protein.

Although this product is all natural and chemical free, it is recommended to perform a strand test on the hair to detect allergies before applying a full application.

Apply to clean dry or damp hair. Place a plastic cap over the hair. Leave henna treatment on for 1 hour. Check results. If hair is desired stain, rinse and deep condition hair. Do not use shampoo at this time. Shampoo will strip the color. If you prefer more staining, and color retention, leave henna treatment on for an additional hour for a total of 2 hours. Rinse and then deep condition the hair.

*Leaving henna on for 4-6 hours is not necessary, unless you would like to leave in for this amount of time. Grey roots can be resistant to dye, apply to dry hair for resistant grey roots. Color builds with continued use. 

**All natural henna paste can expire if not stored properly. Henna should be stored in the freezer and thawed before use. Freezing actually helps the henna stain darker after thawing. Henna can be defrosted at room temperature, and can be re-frozen.

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